Imagine this.

You spent most of your life creating this piece of content. Let’s you are a writer of an influential investment book that becomes a best-seller.

But one fine day, someone comes along to republish the book, sell it for cheaper and make a killing.

Source: Tenor

This will be a reality if there is no copyright law in the land.

Thankfully in Singapore, we have the new Copyright Act 2021, which will take effect on 21 November 2021, replacing the existing Copyright Act 1987 (Cap. 63).

This was announced in a joint statement made by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and the Ministry of Law on Friday (19 November 2021).

If you are a content creator, consumer of content, marketer or simply like to share content on social media — you need to read on.

Here are five key changes in the Act which will affect the different segments of our copyright ecosystem you need to know.