Condominium apartments in Singapore are very expensive, but it is not impossible to buy one as a single person before 35 (the age where a single individual can purchase a private property). In fact, I think it’s quite possible to do so within 8 years or even less! Some parameters required: fresh graduate earning around $3,500 gross no financial difficulty living with parents

A one-bedder condo goes from $600,000 and up, and we can use $700,000 as a target. This budget precludes property in central and prime regions of Singapore, but it is important to be more prudent and realistic about our property options.

A $700,000 property now will appreciate to $1,034,218 in 8 years assuming a 5% p.a. growth in property price, and going by the current Loan-to-Value (LTV) rules, you need at least 25% of the property price as the down-payment. This works out to a downpayment goal of $258,554.