I woke up to not one, not two, not three but four comments from readers regarding Daiwa House Logistics Trust and I took that as a sign that I would have to take some time off from gaming to blog.

Daiwa House Logistics Trust’s IPO ends this Wednesday (24th Nov.)

IPO? I usually avoid IPOs because they are usually priced well for the seller and not for the buyer.

IPO stands for “it’s probably overpriced?”

Is it more of the same in this case?

Looking at the information available, as an investment for income, Daiwa House Logistics Trust is not overly attractive to me.

For someone who is new to investing for income and who is just starting to build a portfolio, this could have a place.

However, with a distribution yield of 6.3% to 6.5% which is similar to what my two largest investments in REITs, AIMS APAC REIT and IREIT Global, are offering, Daiwa House Logistics Trust