I realized, I’m too different, and I couldn’t understand most people. Neither could others.

When this news and this news came out years ago, I’m more concerned about myself. If I fall asleep and accidentally drool on a public transport (no chance now since we wear mask. Love masks!), will my video go online? Why are people more concerned about “this girl ah” and “that girl ah” than themselves?

When I talked about bins being overfilled at a fast food place to my friends, and lament with us clearing our own table it should free up labour for such things.  My friends tell me – COVID so minimize contact, split team.  It’s COVID, you must show more tolerance… Well, that was still during the last phase’s restrictions — Consumers also split team leh. Can they cope when up to 5 can dine in together. Hmmm….

I hate companies that take my photo, and put it in their website.