3M’s in investing – Method, Mind and Money Management!

If you are among those who kept searching for the best Method or the best “Gurus” to teach you the best Method to invest for sustainable dividend income across market and economic cycles for FIRE or Retirement; you may not be able to discover the true secrets to sustainable dividend income investing.

Who can train your Mind?

Who can train your discipline?

You and yourself?

Mind part – Secret No 1 is your Holding power

How strong?

Will you be forced into selling some of your dividend stocks during market low to make up for lost of dividend income?

Money Management part – Secret No 2 is your Firing power

How large is your War Chest when market turning bearish and going to crash soon?

If you happen to win this battle; you will strengthen your Holding power for next market cycles; your dividend yield will be stronger and sweeter.