Last week, I headed over to explore the waterfront landed homes at Pasir Ris. In short, I concluded that they are close to nature, have a beautiful waterfront but are a tad crowded (at least the nearby beach and park are, even at 7 am on a weekday). And so whilst I was extremely tempted by the prospect of living there, I was slightly concerned by the age of the majority of the homes (as the ones closer to the water are well into their 99-year leases) as well as the potential noise pollution when chalet holidays resume. I decided I should explore other waterside landed homes before deciding whether or not to shortlist Pasir Ris in my search for a multi-generational home so, this week, I drove over to Sembawang Park for another tour.

As I had mentioned in a previous article, Canberra is far. Sembawang, even further.