I have so far written 2 TUB Snippets.

I have sold Tapestry Inc for a 20% profit. I have also sold FSL with a 10% profit once the dividend comes in. I am still holding on to the rest of the companies.

For this article, I just like to talk a bit more on Metech International Limited by attempting to predict the possible revenue in 2022 for its new business in lab-grown diamond.

After all, the company has already established numerous relationship around the globe and will have started producing the diamonds as of end Dec 21.

The Revenue Formula is:

Number of Diamond produced per machine X Number of Carat per Diamond X Success Rate X Number of Times the Machine Can Run in 1 Year (i.e 52 weeks) X Number of Machines Bought By The Company X Price per Diamond per Carat X USD/SGD Exchange Rate

Metech Intl Press Release