DBS Vickers is a stock broker in Singapore which offers equity trading via its web and app. It is part of the DBS Group so you can trade with confidence knowing that they are backed by a reputable bank.

DBS Vickers app has gone for a makeover and the new look is clean and modern! Let’s see what has changed!

DBS Vickers’ user interface refresh

My immediate response when I opened the app was, ‘doesn’t this look like DBS digibank app?’ I bet you would have the same feeling too. Digibank app has been one of the better user interfaces for banking and it has been put through many refinements over the years. So why not extend the success to DBS Vickers app too? Moreover, it gives a more coherent user experience across all DBS services.

But it is not just the look and feel of it that is similar to digibank app. You can login into DBS Vickers account with your digibank User ID!