If you’re looking for a wider spread of investment choices, you’re in luck.

Temasek Holdings has announced its second bond offering to retail investors as part of its S$5 billion Guaranteed Medium Term Note Programme.

As a recap, Temasek is an investment firm with a portfolio valued at S$381 billion as of 31 March 2021 (FY2021).

The bulk of its investments are in Singapore and China, and the company periodically raises funds from bonds issues, bank borrowings or divestments.

That’s what makes Temasek’s latest bond offering noteworthy.

The allure of fixed income is that it yields a steady return to the investor as long as the issuer is reputable and of good credit standing.

It also offers a way to diversify your investment holdings across different asset classes other than equities.

Should investors buy into Temasek’s latest bond offering?

Salient features

Temasek’s latest bond offers a 1.8% coupon and has a five-year tenure, maturing on 24 November 2026.