Since my last post, I decided to try to understand more about Cryptocurrency. So I went on to ask my friend, whom is definitely more knowledge in the field of Cryptocurrency than me, a question that has always been on my mind: 

“Which is the cryptocurrency that will fulfill its potential in the mass market?”

He went on to write a whole article on this and I decided to share it on my blog.

Do note that I know cryptocurrency is a subjective topic and depending on how one interpret this question, everyone will probably has a different choice and different opinion.

Thus, I will suggest that everyone reads with an open mind. I read twice in order to understand it.

Guest Post: The Decentralised Stablecoin, UST.

No one uses Bitcoin, Ethereum or Solana to pay for things. But people do use stablecoins like USDC & USDT to pay for things. Let’s discuss a stablecoin that’s aiming to become the best.