I thought that after doing up my article on investing like GIC (link), this blog should have a discussion on more advanced topics that cannot be answered even with access to advanced data, so it falls to my blog readers to speculate on possible answers.

Goh Keng Swee’s contribution to Singapore as a founding father is uniquely consequential. He made decisions that were counter-intuitive for its time such as employing exchange rate controls to prevent inflation and keeping the nation competitive instead of managing interest rates as central banks in other countries. He was one of the earliest politicians to recognize that investing in equities can lead to higher returns. He was also very much of a “buccaneer”, buying 100 tons of gold at $40 an ounce through a secretive private deal in 1968.

So the question I have for everyone is: Will Goh Keng Swee buy Cryptocurrencies for Singapore?