Let me introduce you to the latest hype or the grandest “ponzi” scheme in crypto DeFi today. lol. All these were started a few months back by some of the brightest minds from OlympusDAO. The idea was to solve some of the existing problems of DeFi 1.0 – liquidity farming/mining. Currently, the protocol/application will have to provide incentives (farm tokens) for users to provide liquidity to the various LPs (liquidity pools e.g. providing BTC-USDT, CAKE-USDT to earn CAKE) but there are often no incentives for the users to keep/hold the farm tokens, hence there will be constant selling pressure.

OlympusDAO introduced the concept of having the protocol own their liquidity which will ideally remove the selling pressure based on game theory. Assuming if there are 2 people holding the OHM token, the most beneficial move for the both of them is to stake the token.