Instead of eating weekend brain food by sourcing for articles, let me throw up some instead.

Time bombs

Everything’s a time bomb when you think about it.

Our life’s inherently a time bomb. Stock market, crypto market are time bombs too.

When we spend too much time worrying about time bombs, especially those that we have no control over, we are subjecting ourselves to unhealthy and stressful thoughts.

You can make plans for the explosion time, if it makes embracing uncertainties easier.

Don’t live in jitters.

Living the present

When we don’t waste time mauling the past and worrying about the future, we are present in mind for the present.

We tackle the problems at hand with our best effort, then just let them roll.

If something’s solvable, try our hands at it again. But know when to move on.

Don’t go trying to lift a boulder out of the way when you can walk around it.