I decided to sell my SPH shares and not wait for the outcome of the Cuscaden and Keppel bids. The prices of Cryptos, Alibaba, Disney, PayPal, ARKG and Dairy Farm had dipped below my last purchase prices and it was time to buy in. But my lack of cash even after receiving the salary income for this month meant that I had to raise capital from somewhere else. Given how the Cuscaden and Keppel bids had pushed up SPH’s price, I was fine to exit my SPH investment at a profit and allocate the share sale proceeds elsewhere. I don’t engage in capital rotation often because I usually maintain a larger cash balance on hand. But this has been depleted with the recent completion of my private property purchase and increased monthly investment plans.

It’s not my favourite investing approach because I risk exiting profit-making positions that could have given me bigger gains (e.g. Tesla