Balloting Results for Daiwa House Logistics Trust IPO are out!

The full details are here, but I’ll just summarise the key points quickly.

The public offer was 25 million units, and received 7543 applications for 236,990,600 units.

So the public offer was 9.5 times subscribed.

The offer was upsized, but all of the upsized units went into the placement tranche, so the public tranche did not go up in size.

Allocation of the public offer was as follows:

  • 25:50 (50%) chance of getting for all ranges of units.
  • Most people applied for the 10,000 to 19,900 range, and they received 6,000 units($4,800)

The placement tranche was upsized to a total of 219,438,000 Units ($175 million), and it was 4.9 times subscribed.

Very strong showing from the placement tranche actually.

Quick Debrief

It’s a pretty decent showing from Daiwa House Logistics Trust, and the investor reception looks to be quite strong.