Mori at Guillemard Road belongs to the ‘newest’ generation of enbloc sales, with Roxy-Pacific having only acquired the plot of 15 terrace houses back in November 2020 for $93m. No prizes for guessing the inspiration for its name – given that Japan is probably a Singaporean’s favourite holiday destination.

To me, Roxy-Pacific’s strength lies in a strong execution of smaller developments with an emphasis on efficient layouts and small unit sizes, while keeping the overall quantum affordable.

If you need any point of reference, look no further than their developments in recent years. Their 2 Bedroom units at RV Altitude starts from 441 sqft, Fyve Derbyshire from 560 sqft and even its nearby Arena Residences from 549 sqft. In some ways, you get a lot of bang for the buck as you get the practicality of the 2 Bedroom without having to break the bank for it.

That said, Covid-19 has upended our lifestyles altogether so there has been a greater