Cash / SRS / Crypto Portfolio

Performance Indicators / Dividends (TradFi Portfolio only)

  • YTD Time weighted return: 3.01%
  • XIRR since portfolio inception in 2013: 15.56%
  • Dividends collected YTD: SGD 6,621.69

Note: I don’t provide details or returns metrics on my crypto portfolio publicly.


The crypto rollercoaster continued its journey through November. We saw new all time highs for most Layer 1 currencies before a correction in the latter half of the month brought us back to where we were at its beginning. Metaverse and crypto gaming was an especially hot sector this month as it seemed that it could do no wrong in spite of the broader sell off. This was dampened by the Thanksgiving Covid related sell-off, but most coins from this sector remained resiliently expensive.

Consequently, my overall portfolio value ended relatively stable this month at $2,706,232.

Enhanced portfolio disclosure

Ever since transitioning my portfolio into crypto, I decided to not disclose my explicit positions in crypto for several reasons: