How much did the top property agent in Singapore earn 2020 – 2021?
By The Simplified Resource For Investing and Personal Finance  •  December 1, 2021
Following the announcement by the Council for Estate Agents (CEA) that they have published a complete record of all residential property transactions facilitated in the past 24 months by property agents in Singapore, i just had to fulfil my curiosity to know how much they are making. This is not just an issue of being a 'kaypoh' which i won't deny but yours truly did consider being a property agent many many years back. You see, from my adolescent eyes back then, i have observed that property agents drive nice cars. Usually their cars are continental ones and i can't be faulted for thinking that a property agent career is a one worth considering right? Until i went for my first NS reservist and had a conversation with a property agent who drove a Audi TT back then who told me that their managers " persuaded " their downlines to drive flashy cars because a salesperson in debt is a hungry one....
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By The Simplified Resource For Investing and Personal Finance

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