Portfolio Update – November 2021
By Prudent Dreamer  •  December 1, 2021
Hi everyone, welcome to my portfolio update series! If you want to see all of my portfolio updates, you can click here. My Portfolio ending November 2021 SG portfolio My SG portfolio is down 30k compared to last month, mainly redemption of SSB. US portfolio My US portfolio is up $10k compared to last month due to addition of BABA. Total portfolio value ending Nov 2021 = S$ 112,014.37 Dividends received Dividends I received in Nov 2021 are:
  • SSB: S$ 135.2
  • Lippo Mall REIT: S$ 11.7
  • NikkoAM STC Asia REIT: S$ 26.47
Total dividend received in Nov 2021 = S$ 173.37 Total dividend received year-to-date = S$ 3031.28 Average monthly dividend year-to-date (Jan to Dec 2021) = S$ 252.61 Average yield year-to-date (Jan to Dec 2021) = 2.78% Transactions performed For my SG portfolio, I sold my Lion-OCBC Sec HSTech (Ticker symbol: HST) because I feel that China stocks is not going to the moon anytime soon, and the money locked in this counter won’t generate any dividend, so I decided to rotate the fund to my US portfolio....
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By Prudent Dreamer
Hi, welcome to Prudent Dreamer. I’m a thirty-something working professional living in Singapore.

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