Getting hired at your dream firm may be even more challenging given the current economic climate. But what’s standing between you and that coveted job could be something fully within your control – a poorly-crafted resume.

Recruiters take a mere five seconds to scan through the resumes flooding their inboxes daily, so yours must stand out.

Acing that job application can be as simple as paying attention to presentation and highlighting your competencies and the impact that you made at previous roles. Read on for a complete guide to resume crafting that is sure to hit the mark.

Resume vs. CV vs. Cover Letter

First things first – establishing the basics. Terms like “resume”, “CV” and “cover letter” may be mind boggling but here’s their main differences:

  • Resume: a short, single-paged overview of your career experiences.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): a highly detailed document covering your complete professional history, often 2-3 pages long.