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Financial Literacy Lesson #1
By Taking Care Of My Own Business  •  December 19, 2021
I am mentoring a talented lady about 5 years into her career. During our conversation this afternoon, the topic of stock investing and saving for retirement came up. She asked me whether she should trust her Financial Advisor – who happens to be a classmate of hers. This was my response. Whether we like it or not, money plays a big part in life. We might as well develop some liking for it, identify the “good of money” and explore ways to make our money work harder for our long-term enjoyment. Lots of research has proven that the following does work to build a nice nest egg:
  • Saving regularly (saving 1 $ a day everybody can become a millionaire in his or her lifetime!)
  • Investing in the stock market with ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)
  • Keeping fees down
  • Diversifying your portfolio
  • Holding investments for the long term—like 15 + years
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By Taking Care Of My Own Business
Why you should be Taking Care Of Your Own Business or why you should Tacomob. Hi, my name is Andy.Andreas G. Schmidt (aka Andy) What motivated me to create this website? Well, sometimes, one can observe a lot by watching ...

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