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Exactly How Much Can I Withdraw From My CPF When I Reached 55
By Investment Moats  •  December 29, 2021
The CPF system can be rather confusing if we are trying to set up our CPF in a way that fits our financial plan. In order to do that, we might need to understand a certain aspect of CPF. If we do not, then we might make some decisions that are difficult to reverse. One area that is confusing for many is how much can you take out of your CPF after 55-years-old. The short answer is that it depends, which is not the most satisfying answer and it is because of how confusing the CPF is. So today I will try my best to see if I can lay it out clearly. But before that, I may need to explain some stuff so that those newer to the CPF can understand things better. You may be able to withdraw a certain amount of your monies in CPF The main role of our CPF is to set aside enough money for...
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By Investment Moats
Investment Moats is set up by Kyith Ng and have been around since 2005. He aims to share his experiences making sense of money, how money works and ways to grow his money. It hopes that by sharing his experiences, both good and bad, season investors can advice and critique his decisions and new investors can learn from them and find their own style ...

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