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A Year in. Review for 2021 – Side hustles ( Part 6)
By My CEO Journey  •  January 1, 2022
This is the last part of my year in review for 2021. This post is on side hustles.
I tried online teaching and used the Udemy platform. I uploaded my first online course ever. I got sales, but also learn that instructors get probably $2 or so per course sale on Udemy. Total amount earned in 2021 - $5 ( for 2 sales).
I did consultancy as a sub- contractor for a friend who clinched a deal. And, I earned a low 4 digit for a few hours of work. And learn that getting work done is the easy part. Getting the business is the hardest, and perhaps the more valuable part.
I then understand why Udemy pays me $2 per course sale. They did the hard work of getting me sales. I did the easy thing.
I realized marketing and sales are very important processes and that's why they are
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By My CEO Journey
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