Donating 100% Ads Revenue Going Forward!
By KPO and CZM  •  January 1, 2022
Happy New Year everyone! Let's all work hard to make this year a better year! We started the blog with the plan to document our FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) journey by 40 and I am proud to share with everyone that we have achieved the FI part this month! This means our passive income has exceeded our expenses and we can technically retire early but only one of us (CZM) is going to do that. Shall blog/share more information of our plans in the future when things are confirmed. We have reached a stage where we are now comfortable with donating some money. In fact, we were contemplating whether to do it last year but the level of comfort just wasn't the same, hence it didn't happen. To be honest, we are very fortunate that we were not impacted by the pandemic, Baby Ong is growing up healthily and our wealth grew a lot during this period...
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By KPO and CZM
I am Ong and my fiancee (Chan Zui Mao a.k.a CMZ) calls me a Kiam Pok (i.e. stingy/thrifty depending on how you look at it). Hence, the nickname KPO (Kiam Pok Ong). We have decided to name the blog KPO because I have proposed to CMZ successfully and she is officially a KPO too. The purpose of the blog is to list down all the money-saving tips, our investment/journey to financial freedom and to document my life with CZM.

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