Happy New Year! The start of the year is when everyone work in vigour towards their goals? What are your goals for the year?

In my previous posts, I reviewed my performance in the 6 sectors: career, finance, health, family, personal development and side hustle in 2021. I also read my goal back in early 2021, which still resonate with me. In particular this — when I am 40, I don’t want to ask for permission to take leave. It’s not I want no work, but rather I want to have the autonomy to do what I want at a time that works best for me. This philosophy guides my goals for 2022.

In this year’s goals, I’ve set it to be action based, and hence controllable, rather than result based ( which aren’t within my control).


  • run 1.6 km for 100 times ( or 160 km in all in 2022).