If our top 10 articles of 2021 are anything to go by, there’s definitely a trend of interest in bigger homes in Singapore. Jumbo flats, HDB maisonettes, and bigger older apartments, just to name a few.

And with the emergence of Omicron, it seems inevitable that working from home (WFH) will continue for the foreseeable future, even though the Ministry of Health recently announced that 50% of employees will be allowed to return to the office.

While this is a respite for some of us who are facing “Zoom fatigue” from hours of video chats, there are employers who are likely to offer WFH as a perk to win the war for talent as reported by CNBC in Nov 2021. This translates to a need for more living space, as homes now need to fulfil more functions than before. For many, it’s a place for our children to study, a place to exercise