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How to lose money easily?
By My CEO Journey  •  January 13, 2022
Writing this to remind myself... In the past few days, there are many reports of phishing attacks which resulted in people losing huge amount of money. I looked at the news, and I could be the one... I received that sms.... And on that day when I looked at the sms, I was in a good mind state. And did not click on the link. Today, I received another phishing sms. And I wasn't in a good mind state ( I was busy with things), and I clicked on the link. It looked real, except for (see below)... It directed me to a site to key in the details (email, name, address, etc.). Then, finally ask for a payment... I stopped. I called up the company and asked why... And they told me it was a scam. Looking closely at the website given, there was a dash! How could I have missed it!...
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By My CEO Journey
This is where Ms. CEO, (i.e. ME) blogs about her organization (i.e. my life). We can all be CEOs of at least one organization --- ourselves. You see, we are the overall in charge of our life, and ultimately responsible for all aspects of it. Most of us have the choice to decide what we want to achieve in our life, and execute a plan to achieve it ...

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