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Toping up my CPF-MA
By Derek  •  January 13, 2022
Featured image by Garo Uzunyan on Unsplash One of my financial resolutions for the new year is to top-up my CPF early to enjoy to enjoy a higher interest since interest is calculated from the start of the year and also for tax relief. CPF has introduces several changes for 2022. One of which is the simplifying of MediSave top-up. I found a good article below: Heartland Boy has also written a good article on the difference between topping up SA and MA. Credit: I fall into situation 1 and like him, I do not want any restrictions on my cash top-ups. There is another important consideration and that is my CPF-MA must be near the Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) of $66,000 in 2022, for the funds to flow into my SA. I am fortunate that my MA has reached the BHS of $63,0000 last year and I will just have to top up $3,000.  I will have to do it before my January’s CPF contribution though and I read the comments in other blogs that some people encountered problems in topping up their MA. Hence I will document my own experience here. If I encounter a problem I can contact CPF on where exactly the problem lies, else it will serve as guide for myself and others.
Step 1: CPF Website Step 2 Step 3 Step 4: You will have to enter your CPF Account Number and Email Address before you can click the "Check Allowable Contribution" button. Step 5 - Confirmation that I can still top-up to MA and the top-up amount. Step 6: After you click "Continue", you will go back to the previous page. Click "Next" Step 7 Step 8: You can receive cash-back by using UOB AMEX / American Express TrueCashback with GrabPay. Please refer to Heartland boy article for the full details. Step 9 Step 10: You will receive a email with the instructions to top-up. Step 11: Pay by GrabPay Step 12: You will receive another email once payment has been made Step 13: Check CPF
The process was quite straight forward and what is worth praising is that it took only 1 day to initiate the top-up and see the transaction in CPF.
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By Derek
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