Compared to CPF’s 2021 Yearly Statement of Account (YSOA), the 2022 version has more personalised insights on how you can grow and manage your CPF monies. Along with CPF site revamp on frequently asked questions, it has never been easier to learn how to manage your CPF savings easily.

How to log in to CPF Yearly Statement of Account

There are two ways to log in to the YSOA.

  1. Access your CPF account which has a link out to the Yearly Statement of Account
  2. Through a specific SingPass login, where you can click on to YSOA “under my CPF” banner

Personalised insights from CPF YSOA

How much you can CPF top-up and transfer you can make

In the first tab, you can find out more about your current CPF balances, which can be interesting for you to know your CPF balance across different CPF accounts. The key takeaway is found in the link out