2021: A Year in Review
By Azrael's Financial Cents  •  January 14, 2022

2021: A Year In Review

A little late because I have been rather tired lately, but here is my yearly review for the year of 2021. On my personal finances  Achieved investing savings target of 24k/yr, totaling 44.4k, based on routine savings. Total savings achieved after everything else would be 37.4k.  There's a even larger amount of replacement costs this year as well as some ad-hoc 1-time spend, overall savings increased. As it has happened straight for 3 years, I will look to create a more definite replacement cost buffer, there might be some upgrade/replacement costs this year and next year too.   I am still sticking with Kyith's blog post about saving 75% of any windfall, no matter the size, as well as for any increment from my job.  My current net profit margin from work has increased from 61.3% to 63.2%, exceeding the...
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By Azrael's Financial Cents

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