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CPF Money That Finally Grew Till 1.3x FRS (2021)
By Turtle Investor  •  January 14, 2022
For a little background, this is a series of blog posts I have been writing since 2015 : There were a couple of CPF-related changes effective this year (2022) and I felt that Endowus did a pretty good job with its blog post. A lot more details has been covered in the Endowus blog post so I won’t repeat them here. To recap, the Basic Retirement Sum (BRS) and Full Retirement Sum (FRS) for 2022 is $66,000 and $192,000 respectively. At the personal front, I have managed to achieve BHS since 2018 and this has largely allowed for the annual interest earned in CPF-MA to help keep up with the yearly increase. Assuming 4% yield on $63,000 is thus equivalent to $2,520 – not bad....
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By Turtle Investor
Hello there! I’m Kevin. My investment journey started towards the end of 2012, when I picked up a copy of Andrew Hallam’s Millionaire Teacher. Andrew Hallam, being an English Teacher, is gifted with the ability to write clearly and concisely, making the topic of investment rather easy to understand. That’s when I finally decided to take action and dive into the exciting world of investment ...

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