Net Worth Update Jan 2022 | Crawl Towards SGD 1.2 million
By Live Rich Life Free  •  January 14, 2022
My net worth increases $27k to $1.189m from Dec 2021.
The increase are mainly contributed by $14k interests and $6k contributions from Dec salary and AWS bonuses received in CPF.
My CPF has surpassed $460k. I have planned to top up $8k to my CPF SA under Retirement Scheme Top-Up (RSTU) by the end of this month.
I then target to top up my SRS account in a few tranches and complete the maximum contribution of $15.3k by Apr 2022.
The value of my stocks and equities remain fairly stable. Recently, there was a correction to factor in the rise in interest rates and I injected some capital to add Mapletree Industrial Trust, nibble Alibaba (HK.9988) and some US stocks i.e. Walt Disney and Citigroup. I hope to increase my stocks and equities value to at least $300k this year.
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By Live Rich Life Free
The purpose of this blog is for me to share my reinventions of how life should be lived and journal my journey towards financial independence. I believe that life is a story book. Each chapter contains 10 years of our lives. I am moving on towards mid 30s in 2021. As a nobody but somebody, I am in Chapter 4 of my story book. I hope to influence my philosophy of living a rich life freely and healthily with all of you. Embrace the future and empower freedom!

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