Books #16: The Man Who Solved the Market
By Eight percent per annum  •  January 15, 2022
The Man Who Solved the Market is one of the best books I have read in 2021. This is the story of Jim Simons, founder of Renaissance Technologies, the world's most successful and most secretive quant fund. Even after the book is published, nobody knows exactly how Renaissance made so much money. The table below from the book says it all. Jim Simons vs all gurus These no.s are net of fees and the annualized returns before fees is above 50%, which means doubling the capital every 18 months or so. When so much money is being made so fast, it is no wonder the whole Renaissance team doesn't want anyone else to know the secret sauce nor are they interested in sharing. So we can only speculate how things actually work. The details are scant. The book shared a couple of facts:
  1. You need a lot of data for quant models to work and as such there are
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By Eight percent per annum
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