New year new me? Not for Grab’s Power Up Challenge. The challenge does not seem modified from the way it was the past few months, and given that it’s a pretty good deal, many may not mind that it’s still sticking around as is. It’s a way to get up to additional rebate (up to 5%) in the form of Grab points on top of the base earn points you get (up to 1.2%) and the cashback you get for topping up your Grab (up to 1.7% cashback).

If you’re already familiar with how the Challenge works, this isn’t for you. For newcomers to the game of card rewards, however, you should familiarise yourself with this as Grab shows no signs of stopping this monthly promo, and it’s probably going to be a staple for the rest of the year.

Reward tiers

Changes: no discernible change