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An ETF giving 40% pa CAGR. You dare?
By The Simplified Resource For Investing and Personal Finance  •  January 17, 2022
It was the class gathering that only the most successful was most keen to go. First the sound of a Maserati. Next, she walked in with a swagger, armed with a Himalaya Birkin. The girl who consistently did the worst in class. That girl who got the lowest paying first job and now no job. That invisible girl. She sat quietly at the corner (as usual), unbeknownst to everyone except me. The Alphas were having a field day, with their identities tied to their jobs, they unleashed a torrent of stories about their work life and which enrichment classes they have been sending their kids to. The last class gathering was in 2010. The now class gathering is in 2021. I sat beside her and humbly asked her. "Can share?" "I had nothing to lose. I whacked the UPRO ETF. I was lucky." The UPRO ETF incepted in 2009. It had a price of around USD$2.50 then. Now, it's price is USD$147....
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By The Simplified Resource For Investing and Personal Finance

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