My Report Card 2021
By STE's Stocks Investing Journey  •  January 23, 2022
Time flies, we are now at almost the end of Jan 2022. Did 2021 turn out to be what you expected or did you achieve the targets set for yourself in 2021? The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect and has impacted all aspects of our life and working environment, on and off we see some good news on relaxing the social distancing rules but life is yet to return back to normal as we have in pre-pandemic. The Covid-19 virus continues to mutate and our mood swings also change together with these mutations, from "Delta " to "Omicron" and chances are pretty high that we might have a new one coming in near future. How many "booster jabs" we will really need it? Could "Omicron" be the last variant we have and this will be time we end this pandemic and "live with the virus", treating Covid-19 as an "endemic" and trying to return our life back to normal? Fingers crossed!...
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By STE's Stocks Investing Journey
Hi Everyone ! is me STE, I would like to start a blog to pen down and document my thoughts on stocks investing and also “talking to myself “ on some issues relating to investing ideas / world . I will try not to mention any particular stock in my blog post as it is very hard to do any “prediction or forecast “ of future or stock's movement and also this may attract unnecessary dispute / incident if anything goes wrong .. I will be using more graphic / chart / table / quotes to explain my thought and ideas as “ pictures worth more than thousand words “ ,, the most important things is …I don’t really good in explaining things in words.. haha .

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