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Aims Apac Reit 3Q FY2022 Results
By Live Rich Life Free  •  January 27, 2022
Aims Apac Reit (SGX.O5RU) announces its 3Q FY2022 results today.
Most importantly for unitholders, dividend per unit (DPU) increases 14.6% Year-on-Year to 2.35cents compared to 2.05 cents in 3Q FY2021.
The DPU of 2.35 cents will be paid on 25 Mar 2022.
Gross Revenue and Net Property Income rises by more than 14% compared to 3Q FY2021. This is mainly due to the acquisition of Woolworths Headquarters in New South Wales, Australia and higher gross revenue from 20 Gul Way, 27 Penjuru Lane and 541 Yishun Industrial Park A (rental contribution from new master tenant commenced on Jan 2021).
Portfolio committed occupancy remains high at 97.6%, well above JTC industrial average of 90. 1%, and decent WALE at 4.85 years.
10 new and 8 renewal leases were successfully executed in 3Q FY2022 at slight positive rental reversion of 0.2%.
Gearing ratio is 37.3% with undrawn credit facility and war chest of $237.2m. Blended funding cost is slightly high at 2.8% per annum. Adjusted interest coverage ratio is decent at 3.3 times.
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By Live Rich Life Free
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