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Is the Extra Income Worth The Risk? Moonlighting in Singapore
By Seedly  •  February 9, 2022
Source: GIPHY Most of us have done this before in our student days. Especially while studying in university, we’d probably have a part-time job on the days we don’t have classes. Of course, back when you were still studying, it’s perfectly fine to be working a side job. But that’s a totally different issue when you are outside working a full-time job. You probably understand what I mean for some of you male readers, seeing as some of you might have done this while serving your two years in NS. (hopefully, you weren’t caught) Source: GIPHY Then again, many of you are struggling to make ends meet with just your full-time salary. This is made worse with inflation making the costs of living higher. So you start considering moonlighting as a possible option, but is it really worth the risk? Let’s explore more in this article!...
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By Seedly
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