Why Is Ride-Hailing So Popular Across Southeast Asia?
By ValueChampion  •  March 1, 2022
Ride-hailing has revolutionised the way people travel and commute. Before we delve deeper into ride-hailing, we will first introduce what it is all about. Ride-hailing is when a customer uses an app to “hail” or hire a local driver to take them wherever they need to go. Typically, riders can order these trips on-demand or schedule them in advance. Ride-hailing was popularised in 2009 by Uber, the first successful ride-hailing company to successfully disrupt modern transportation models and transformed the way people travelled. Today, Uber is the largest ride-sharing company globally. Ever since their establishment, there have been many other ride-hailing startups across the globe. The love for ride-hailing services is unquestionable. It brings about a more convenient and efficient way of travelling for consumers. It is especially so in Southeast Asia because local demands foster an environment for the success of ride-hailing services....
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By ValueChampion
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