The Cost of Owning a Hamster in Singapore
By Prudent Dreamer  •  March 3, 2022
At the start of 2022, I officially became a pawrent to a gorgeous dwarf hamster 🐹! It felt surreal because I’ve never had a pet in my life before. So, in the past 2 months, I’ve learned so much about how to take care of a hamster and I’ve been spending quite a considerable amount for such a small creature! Based on my own experience, I’ll share how much it costs to own and properly take care of pet hamster. If you’re planning to get a hamster and you’re wondering what’s the real cost of owning a hamster in Singapore, I hope this article can give you an idea on how much to budget for hamster care. On top of financial costs, you also need to spend time to enhance the quality of your hamster life, so I’ll dedicate a section about non-financial costs as well. Lastly, I’ll share some...
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By Prudent Dreamer
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