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What Are Dropshipping Course Ads Not Telling You
By Consume Less Life  •  March 7, 2022
I had wanted to write on dropshipping course ads for quite some time but other topics took precedence. These dropshipping course ads seemed to have died down and the “guru course” flavour of the month seems to have shifted to options trading nowadays. However, I recently saw another of these ads saying that we can sell something for multiple its cost. This prompted me to write about dropshipping. In this article, we will look at what these dropshipping course ads are not telling you. What Is Dropshipping? Dropshipping is similar to other e-commerce businesses except it differs in how the product flows. There are no inventory purchases until a sale is made unlike a typical business, where you will need to hold inventory before you can sell it. As the seller, you will send the customer order to the supplier and they will send the products directly to the customer without the inventory going through you....
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By Consume Less Life
I am glad you arrived on this blog because you are interested in consuming less. The idea of Consume Less Life was born in Singapore, 15 September 2020. The primary purpose of this blog is to attempt to encourage you to consume less. Consuming less has multiple benefits such as saving money, saving the planet and keeping your life simple.

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