What Are You Willing To Give Up To Get What You Want?
By Early Retirement SG  •  March 10, 2022
I suppose this sentence spins in many ways. How much are you willing to give up to get what you want? How much do you want something is proportional to what you are willing to give up to get it. How much you are willing to sacrifice determines how much you want something. So today, I'm on day 6 out of my approximately 90 day weight loss plan. The story started 7 days ago. I had lunch with a friend and my wife. I ate my share and some of my wife's leftovers, and some of my friend's leftovers. Then I shared a bubble tea with my wife. Then for dinner I went to a friend's house for steamboat, and ate a lot. Then I shared another bubble tea with my wife. Then we went with my friend to go eat waffles and ice cream and I shared it with my wife. Now, of course my wife eats less than me....
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By Early Retirement SG
Male, born in 1982. Graduated with a degree majoring in Banking & Finance, Financial Adviser for a period of time resulting in in-depth knowledge of insurance products and marketing techniques of the industry ...

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