How to Buy Gold?
By Dr Wealth  •  March 18, 2022
I first published this piece back in 2010, since then the markets have evolved tremendously. Although Gold’s position as an investment asset has constantly been challenged, we see that it remains the investor’s choice of investment when hedging against uncertainty and inflation. This was particularly significant in the early Covid years of 2020 and 2021 as well as early 2022 when fear of inflation started to creep in: If you’re looking to gain exposure to gold as a hedge, I present the best ways to buy Gold in Singapore: 1) Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) There is an ETF which tracks Gold prices – SPDR Gold Shares. It is available in the US (NYSE), Singapore (SGX), and several other exchanges. When I first published this article, Singapore investors only had the option to invest in ETF using USD (SGX:O87), however as of Jun 2021, you now have the option to invest in SGD under the secondary listing (SGX:GSD)....
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By Dr Wealth
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