Surge in Remote Work and Cyber Threats for Business
By Sponsored Post  •  March 21, 2022
The world is witnessing a significant surge in remote working because of the ongoing pandemic. But it's not the only thing that has seen an increase in the past few years. The current cyber threats are far more severe than before. This article will discuss how a VPN can help you increase your security according to modern attacks. How Do Cyberattacks Impact a Business? Hacking is the practice of accessing someone's computer or network without their knowledge and permission. Once a hacker gets hold of a system, they can extract, modify and delete any amount of information on it. A system’s data sources act as the core source of any business, and if they get compromised, it can leave irreparable damage to the company. Cyberattacks can affect a business in multiple ways, and impacts may include: Economical Damage It can also command and instruct a compromised system from the hacker’s infrastructure. Once a system gets hacked and loses crucial data, a company can get a substantial financial debt. Some of the essential pieces of information that get targeted by hackers include:
  • Financial Information (Payment Cards and Bank Details)
  • Corporate Information
  • Loss of Business and Contracts
  • Trading Disruptions (Denial of Service)
  • Money Theft
Reputational Damage Trust plays a pivotal role in the success of a business, and cyberattacks can harm it seriously. Once any data leak or breach happens regarding customers' data, it automatically decreases their trust in your company. Some significant aftereffects of reputational damage include:
  • Loss of Profit
  • Loss of Customers
  • Loss of Sales
In worst cases, it can even impact your relationship with your suppliers, investors, partners, and any other third parties attached to your business. Legal Damage The law bounds you to protect the information of your customers and staff under the data protection and privacy laws. In case of deliberate or accidental information leakage, you will be responsible for not taking necessary security measures. It can result in you facing fines along with regulatory sanctions. How Can a VPN Help Your Business with Cybercrimes? Since you know how damaging cyberattacks can be, you might be looking for some solutions. Let’s see how a trustworthy VPN like Nord VPN can help your business with cybercrimes: Better Online Security Even if you are currently using a strong antivirus on your system, your devices can still be exposed to viruses and cyberattacks while surfing the internet. Hackers are constantly adapting to new strategies to infiltrate networks, so there is no reason for your business to be a step behind them. A business VPN deals with these kinds of troubles for your business. It applies multiple levels of encryption to your system data and eliminates any risk of your confidential data being leaked. It is one of the most effective ways of securing your mobile business devices, which sometimes have to connect to public networks outside the company premises. Remote Access Since remote working is on a surge, it has become vital for companies to place security provisions to safeguard their devices from any malicious interceptions and unsecured networks. A VPN lets your employees work efficiently without having to worry about external threats. It can mask any device’s IP address so that hackers can never track its movement on the internet, even when connected to an unsecured network. Secure Data Sharing Data security is vital, and if a business for some reason fails to ensure the safety of its data sharing, it can result in severe data breaches. A business VPN makes sure that all files that are shared across your system’s network are encrypted and can only be accessed by authorized users. This feature can be highly beneficial for business owners, especially when emailing, filing invoices, or sending documentation. Prevention of Internet Censorship Suppose your business involves you or your team traveling abroad for business deals. There might be instances where you are trying to access an app or website, but there is a location blocker in place. Such situations can hinder the work speed of your employees. A VPN can easily change your IP address which can block websites from knowing your current location so that you and your employees can easily access the same apps, platforms, and tools necessary for your business.
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