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Would I ever be satisfied with my job?
By A millennials attempt at adulting  •  March 25, 2022
Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve popped by. After realising my interest in writing and pivoting my career into the content space, I’ve ironically turned into one of those who have unknowingly made something they’re interested in into a job. That means tragically turning what I’ve previously enjoyed into something I find a chore. Nevertheless, I’m trying to make it a point to jot my thoughts down here to make sure that future me would have something to laugh at. Anyway, back to the main point of today’s post. I’m currently covid positive, which means I’m stuck in my room nursing my health back while enjoying this mandatory solitude. Which means loads of space to think and ponder about life. Woohoo! Being away from work for a week also meant that I had some headspace to not think about work. Which made me realise how much I don’t feel like heading back to work next Monday....
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By A millennials attempt at adulting
Holla, I'm Mel. I'm currently in my 20s, and trying my best to swim against the current which is popularly known as the 'rat race'. I enjoys taking naps and feasting on mentaiko sushi. I also struggle with this confusing thing called Adultng. This blog is a personal journal for me to pen down my thoughts towards the different elements of adulting, and how I struggle with it. Hopefully, this will serve as a space for me to laugh at my past self, in the very near future.

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