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Can You Really Earn More Than $8,500 per Month as a Food Delivery Rider?
By Seedly  •  April 15, 2022
Recently, news of a food delivery rider allegedly earning more than $8,500 in a month from food deliveries went viral online. That’s almost double the median monthly income of Singaporeans at $4,680 (including employer CPF). Source: Hardwarezone Sounds lucrative, doesn’t it? But like many of you, I had my doubts. Thus, I went down the rabbit hole with a couple key questions:
  • Is it really possible for the average joe to make that much consistently?
  • Should I consider switching to food delivery as a full-time job?
Let’s dive into the numbers and find out! Earning $8,511.64 in Revenue as a Food Delivery Rider After sweeping through multiple forums such as Hardwarezone and Reddit, the general consensus is that earning $8,511.64 in revenue is indeed possible. BUT You’ll need to consider the operating costs and the cons of the job that we’ll cover later on. Here’s a brief overview of how it was done based on general consensus online:...
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By Seedly
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