My dining experience at CouCou
By Investing Thoughts  •  April 18, 2022
Company Introduction CouCou is a up and rising brand from hkex listed Xiabuxiabu(HKEX:520) (Spending outside of China is way higher. While revenue is around 5%, the potential to increase much more is there) (Coucou rapidly expanding overseas branches) From the annual results of XiabuXiabu, we can tell that this has been a fast growing segment and despite a 30% increase in outlets only, the revenue increase is more than 30%. As a person who has been tracking the company on and off, i was very curious to try out CouCou although i have heard of polarizing views and its very expensive price point. Finally i managed to rope/scam a friend to join me in eating the very expensive hotpot food. evil giggles Dining Experience (Ordered Bovine Bone with Tomato Soup Base and Fresh Mushroom Soup Base as my friend does not take spicy and i am no where better myself)...
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By Investing Thoughts
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