Leaders continue on, knowing that they will be wronged
By Life is a journey  •  April 21, 2022
Photo by Duncan Kidd on Unsplash Dear Readers, Thank you for coming here! My journey to finishing “The Pacific War Trilogy” continues. I am at 10% of the third book, on track to completing it in H1 this year. Today I would like to share with you another take-away. Let’s begin. Douglas MacArthur gained favor of almost all American people due to his strategy towards the media during the war. He had been leveraging his popularity to request for more power and more support to his strategy. He requested to command all forces, air, land and sea, in the Pacific War Theater. He requested to recover Philippines before attacking Japan in its inner defense circle, even though this might delay the war by up to 6 months. Some top generals believed that he valued his own commitment to “Return to Philippines” more than winning the war, which was the end goal....
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By Life is a journey
A white-collar and a father of 2, who would like to share his journey to Financial Freedom for both his own record keeping and hopefully inspiration for others on the same journey.

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