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Three Maxims to Share With My Children
By Stocks N Savings  •  April 23, 2022
Having spent half of my lifespan, I have gathered some precious lessons which I hope to ultimately pass on to my children. Some were gained from bitter experiences; others were illuminated in a moment of inspiration. Here are three maxims that I want my children to remember: Singaporeans are notorious for their incessant complaints. You hear it all the time - the bus is so slow; the food is so expensive; the service is so lousy. It brings to mind the slang NATO (No Action, Talk Only). This is an incredibly poisonous attitude, especially in the corporate world. While whining may provide temporary relief and seeming camaraderie among complainers, it drains a person of the willpower to act on the problem and change the situation. Everytime I hear my kids make such a remark, I will remind them that complaining is useless. They should proactively find a solution. If it is beyond...
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By Stocks N Savings
SS is a wage slave in his early forties. He works in the information technology industry. (Technically, his employer has been operating a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform long before the world has heard about the Internet.)

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