Inside An Incredible $15K Renovation Of A Bidadari 3-Room BTO: How This Couple Did It On Their Own
By Stacked Homes  •  April 24, 2022
For most adventurous homeowners, bypassing the interior designer and designing their own home is as far as they would ever go. So it was quite astonishing to learn of a couple that not only designed but took on the jobs of the main contractor as well – all at a measly budget of $30,000. And mind you, this wasn’t just a simple styling job, it was proper hacking of walls, and inclusive of new furniture and appliances as well. Quite amazingly, the final cost was just $15,000 for the whole project, and $15,000 for furniture and appliances. Meet Yi Ting and Wen Xiang, or, what we’d like to call the most resourceful couple in Singapore. When they first received the keys for their 65 square metre BTO home in Bidadari, although the space was small, they wanted to “recreate the feel of a space that is airy, bright, functional and easy to upkeep”. They were inspired by lofts, hence the name of their Instagram account (@thebarelofts)....
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By Stacked Homes
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